Friday, September 30, 2011

Four For Friday

Hey guys, I'm back!  Sooooo sorry!!!  I completely deserve to go to blogger dentenion as an amends for my truancies over the past two days.  Work exploded (figuratively, of course) and I got sick.  Still busy and sick unfortunately but I'll be making more of an effort to blog!  Promise!

With that said, I'm really looking forward to this weekend!  I'll still have to do some work... And I'll still be sick... But I have some sedate/fun outings planned that are keeping up my spirits: brunch with college pals, house warming party, and dinner with the little sis are the highlights, so far.

I hope you all have a lovely early-Autumn weekend.  I'll see you back here Monday!

- FrouFrouu is a slap in the face. A moody and sartorially saturated slap in the face!  Love!!!
- A Beautiful Mess.  This blog's name explains it's content to a T.  'Nuff said!
- This sketch series of Thao and Mia's life as musicians (over at The Rumpus) is so awesome.  Gor-geeee-ous little watercolors!
- XGFX has a great fall recipe tear down.  The mini pecan pies sound gooooood and I like the look of this brussels sprout slaw!

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