Monday, September 26, 2011

S'more Cake

As an ode to our camping trip, the first s'more I've eaten in at least 6 years and the first s'more the BF has ever made over a camp fire, I share with you S'more Cake.  S'more Cake comes from one of my favorite baking blogs, Desserts for Breakfast.  Now this cake isn't a very literal concoction of s'more ingredients, but it definitely  looks the part.  Stephanie also shares a great recipe for home-baked graham crackers! 

On a sim note I'd like to share two little things about vegan s'mores. 
1) Use Sweet and Sara marshmallows.  They are incredible.  I mean out-of-this-world-delish.  They remind me of creamy, not-too-sweet home-made mallows.  (And, they also have a toasted coconut covered kind!)
2) Unless you really do prefer dark chocolate (and I don't) buy the "Creamy Sweet" bar from Sweet Chocolate Dream.  It's dairy free "milk" chocolate.  So good.  It would completely fool dairy milk chocolate lovers.

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