Friday, December 16, 2011

Four for Friday

Happy end of the week!  It's the last weekend before Christmas, time to wrap up the shopping!  I have a few fun things planned; some sister/sister time, a double date on Saturday night, possibly some pre-holiday baking, and a whole lot of apartment clean and laundry doing (yuck).  It's gotta get done before I take off for Cali next week!

- So I think I'm way behind on this one (like WAY behind) but... Ikea Hakers is rad.  If you own Ikea junk and want to make it way (WAY) awesome-er, go scout this site!
- Have Cake, Will Travel is probably the most beautiful vegan cooking blog I've ever come across.  The recipes sound good too!
- Hey, look at Hey Look!  Lots of fun ideas for styling your place and space up!
- And (because it's been a loooong week) I'm  really diggin' the winter-white, seasonal sparkle going on in this cup of cheer!

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