Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bang! Bang!

I was recently thinking about my fringe... My bangs are good to me.  They're easy.  They frame my face pretty well.  They hide forehead blemishes (which fortunately are rare these days).  But I was caught mulling... was I over 'em?  Am I riding the tail end of a bang trend?  Am I sporting a dated 'do'? 

Then I saw this NY Times article.  And I realized, bangs are so not over.  They are mainstream though.  Which is probably why I'm thinking they're a little tired.  Gonna keep them anyway.  However, once the summer is through (and I don't have to battle east coast humidity) I think I may grow them out a little. I'm sweet on a layered type bang; something like this or this.

Ps. How long before you get tired of your hair style?  A year?  Less?

Illustration by Garance Doré and linked images from The Beauty Department (their fringe article is great too!)

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