Monday, June 11, 2012

French For "Summary"

Not that I'm planning to jump ship at my current place of business (swear!) but I did happen upon a pretty cool post on DLF.  It gets into the dirty business of resumes.  Ugh.  The dreaded resume...  But they are an inevitable part of life and getting that j-o-b.  As the school terms have just wrapped up, I thought the job seekers out there might be interested.

First, I will say (because I am definitely not a graphic designer) I will absolutely, eventually hire someone to re-do my resume.  (In fact, I'll hire him.  I'm biased.)  Like the title of this post notes, resume means summary.  Summarize yo self!  And make it look good!  Everyone should have a derriere-kickin' res.  It's generally  the first and last thing a employer looks at, when considering you as a candidate.  So even if you're like me (and not getting on it right now) flag this post for later and keep an open eye for local designers that jive with your aesthetic.  They may be able to help you out down the road with the resume revamp.

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