Friday, August 5, 2011

The Best Worst Beauty Advice

Always good for a dose of charming French humor and a lovely illustration, Garance shares The Best Worst Beauty Advice. (Readers emailed her the most terrible things fellow ladies had recommended they try!) My favorite quips:

- "To cut your bangs yourself, find some scissors, and just get a piece of tape, stick it at the desired length, and then cut. Simple as that." (Ooooh. Yikes. I cut my own bangs. And yeah, it's no simple feat to get perfect fringe. This method sounds... interesting.)

- "A girl can never have too much blue eye-shadow" (HA! My high school cheerleading photos would suggest otherwise.)

- "The best treatment against pimples : nail polish remover! They heal quicker." (Holy hot damn! Who in their right mind would put nail polish remover on their skin? Let alone their face?!!!)

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