Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tarik Mikou

I'm really into these designs by Tarik Mikou.  The eclectic mixture of softness and bold graphic elements is fantastic.  Great texture!  Superb colors!  Amazing compositions!  (Don't the multiple overlays on Audrey just kill you?!!!  I love it!)


Mikou doesn't have a whole lot of information about himself up on his portfolio site.  Like, none.  But you can follow a link to his myspace to gather a little background.  He's hails from Montreal.  And... that's about all I found out.  You know, besides those great/creepy myspace details... age, zodiac sign, favorite films, sexual orientation, ethnicity, personal heroes.  Reposting those here is more "creepy" than "great".  So if you're really curious, you'll have to follow the links.

I say, leave the great/creepy personal shtuff and just enjoy the images.  They're great/lovely.

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