Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sick Day...

Sorry guys, I didn't intend on playing blog-hookie yesterday.  A crazy/scary something happened... on my way into work I passed out on the train platform.  Like, out of nowhere.  Feelin' fine, readin' my book, listenin' to the ol' iTunes.  Then whammy- terrible nausea, waves of feverish heat, tunnel vision and waking up on the dirty (ew!) floor of the subway station.

Thank goodness nothing worse happened.  The whole scene has played out in my imagination (a few times) with a much more sobering outcome (ie: falling onto the tracks and dying).  So right now I feel pretty lucky.  Also, really looking forward to seeing the doctor and getting blood tests before this happens again (though hopefully not).

Image from Viva La Queen found on Deviant Art