Friday, August 26, 2011

Four for Friday

I'm taking a half Friday work day!!!  Gonna head out and meet up with the little sis.  Planning to have some carefree Friday fun since there's a freaky weekend ahead of us... fingers crossed that this hurricane hits us mildly.  Eeek!  See you Monday (hopefully)!

- I'm tinkering with the idea of buying a new bag.  Street FSN's man bag featurettes Part 1 and Part 2 have me all abuzz about totes!

- I've been eating a lot of local, heirloom tomaters in the past few weeks and was looking for some new recipes to try out.  I discovered Tomato Tango.  This place is awesome!  So much delicious whole-food goodness.  (And as this photo alludes, there's way more than just tomaters!!!)
- I'm in love with A Fine Day for Sailing.  This is not your average fashion blogger's site, Islabelle Murray's indie chic style is so refreshing!  I immediately thought she was from San Fran (correct!) by her urban-cool casual outfitting and penchant for all things thrifed and hand-made.
- Have you been following Refinery 29's Month of Hair?  I should've been! (Such a lazy hair do-er)  Maybe I'll replicate every look for the month of September instead...

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