Monday, July 11, 2011

Four for Friday (+ some)

I know... I'm very much 'in the dog house', as they say.  My posting has been sparse of late.  Sorry readers!  Here is Four for Friday, three days belated.  I'm adding on an extra few snippets, one for each day it's been overdue : )

Enjoy!  And, happy Monday!!!

- The BF and I recently watched the documentary Food Matters.  Then we went to dinner at the Brooklyn restaurant Rockin' Raw. (Nachos, BBQ eggplant wrap, and broccoli gratin are so good!)  On an internet quest for good raw recipes, I found RawMazing.  Amazing it is!
- Design Sponge always features something crave-worthy.  Check out these adorable note cards from Edward Juan.  Each card pictures an itty-bitty animal.  One series also includes an empty speech bubble for leaving a personal message.  Too cute!
- I was doing some online research (aka online shopping) and saw the July Shopbop Lookbook.  I fell down a rabbit hole of feverish crochet lace desire.  The maxi dress was my favorite.  Unfortunately you also need to be a tanned model to pull it off.
- Two weekends in a row my BF and I have happened to wander into Organic Modernism's shops.  I think the cosmos are telling us to buy some OM furniture.  (I really want those shelves for my house plants!!!)
- Do you know Eric Jones?  You should.  He'll rock your socks.  Every now and then Jones posts his work and inspriation to his blog, The Iris On.  You may want to follow.  It's good stuff.
- Check out this incredible recipe for Vanilla Blackberry Semi-Freddo.  It's posted on the fabulous foodie blog A Cozy Kitchen, by Adrianna Adarme.  There are lots of tasty looking treats living in the archives, go take a look!
- Brook & Lyn's author Mimi Jung manages to cover all lanes of art, culture and design on the hip blog.  She and her husband also run Brook & Lyn Studio, where they develop elevated graphic design, product design, advertising, digital innovation and social media content for various luxury brands.  (She's also a jeweler!)


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