Friday, July 15, 2011


Happy Friday everyone!  Whew, this was a long one.  I'm itching to get out and enjoy this weekend!!! There are more than a few things I've got planned; birthday drinks for a friend at Spritzenhaus tomorrow night (with all my college buddies!),  the Brooklyn Flea on the Williamsburg Waterfront and the New Amsterdam Market.  I've got to do a little shopping; I'm in desperate need of new ballet slippers and some really basic t-shirts.  There's a new vegan soft serve ice cream shop in Union Square that I've gotta try out!  And, I bought some new summer reading, Wives and Daughters.  Already hooked on it.  I've also got a 1000 piece puzzle of Venice... When the weekend heat gets to me I'll stake out a spot in front of an air conditioner and enlist the help of my BF.  We can puzzle away the mid day heat.

Photo by Jose Maria Cuellar on Flicker

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