Friday, July 29, 2011

Peaches Please

I walked through the Union Square green market on my way into work this morning.  The stalls have exploded with peaches!!!  We've been buried in berries and last week newly arrived plums were plentiful.  Now peaches!!!  Ugh... I love summer.  And it's fruit.  The UFO peaches seemed to be the most popular variety for now.  (Maybe the other varieties aren't quite ripe yet?)

This recipe at Always With Butter convinced me that the little UFO's are okay for baking. I've been planning to make a peach tart all week.  I assumed UFO's would be too swat looking, sliced up.  I'm thinking they may be okay now!  Hopefully this weekend I'll get to my peach tart making.  (Then I can share it with you next week!)

Are there any summery desserts that you're wanting to bake?

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