Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th Weekend

Did you all have a great Independence Day weekend?  Mine was full of fun (and pretty exhausting)! 

The BF and I went on multiple adventures; after brunch Saturday we hopped the ferry and bobbed over to Staten Island.  We met a funny local who owned a pharmacy.  He made us laugh and scared us out of walking to Snug Harbor.  We took a bus instead, and explored the Botanical Gardens and Cultural Center complex.  An older man played piano on the porch of a greenhouse.  He wasn't a masterful pianist by any means, but the tunes added charm to the excursion. 

Sunday was filled with rain.  All day.  We buss/walk/subway-ed ourselves over to Roosevelt Island in the early afternoon (it was kinda a pain!) and explored the tine outcropping of residences on the sliver-of-an-island sitting in the East River.  We grabbed Starbucks and waited out a cloud burst before getting on the tram.  The tram was amazing!  The BF got some killer photos.  In the evening we hung out with some friends, drinking summery drinks on their Cobble Hill apartment's terrace.  Talking about friendships, New York, apartments, careers, childhood, the future.  They're moving away at the end of the month (sad face).

The Fourth of July was very impromptu.  We found a favorite restaurant that was open for breakfast and took advantage; salty tofu scramble with vegan cheese (portabella for me, sham-ham for the BF) and crispy curly fries.  We saw Transformers.  We did a lot of wandering.  Eventually we ended up on the Hudson River to watch the Macy's firework show.  It was a great show (always is).
The little things that rounded out our weekend included a good deal of shopping, quite a bit of vegan ice cream and cheese cake, walks through our favorite neighborhoods and frequent pauses at the dog parks along the way.  It was a fun-filled past three days! 

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