Friday, July 15, 2011

Four for Friday

Hi sweetie birds!  I'm taking a half-day off of work.  Summer Fridays rock my socks!  Not that I wear socks in the summertime (strappy sandals + socks = ew-yuck).  Anyway.  Enjoy these four!  Have a great weekend and see you Monday!

- Swiss Miss launched a new site: Tattly. Fun stuff, people. It's a shop of "designery temporary tattoos" that creator Tina Roth Eisenburg, "started out of my frustration that temporary children tattoos are often hideous looking."  Tattly's sure got some cute tatties, go look!
- I don't remember where exactly I found this BL(solw roasted)T but YUMzers.  I'm totally going to make this with some tempeh bacon.  Not Without Salt by Ashley Rodriguez is full of so much tastiness.  Delish recipes galore.  Totes glad I found it!
- Sasha Maks Vintage.  It's a pretty cool blog.  Check it out.  Then go browse through all of Sasha's vintage jewelry on Ebay.  Oooh, there are some goodies!!!  I want this, and this and these.
- Every summer, come July or August, I lament over my bike-less-ness.  I'm feeling the pangs of regret yet again, wishing I had some wheels to zip around Brooklyn on.  Humph.  Republic Bikes is definitely not helping ease the bitterness.  Their bikes are so cool!  Customization, like whoa.  Love!

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