Thursday, July 14, 2011

West Elm Wishlist

West Elm's new arrivals sucked me in. Lots of pretty things.  That I don't need.  Hmph.  Hence the virtual window shopping and wishlist.  There are so many more goodies, go scroll around the Elm's newbies.  Besides the pictured accessories above, I'm also really loving this woven hamper.  ( It's made out of cattails.  I loved playing with cattails as a kid!) 

Goodies above, clockwise from far left:
- Glass Jar Pendant Lights (a miss-matched trio of these would look so lovely hanging together... in my apt!)
- Glass Greenhouse Terrariums (OMG, I want these)
- Scott Lifshutz appetizer dishes (doggie watercolors, love!)
- Katobuki Tea Tins (this tea is so good and the rice paper wraping is gorgeous)
- Horn Handle Magnifying Glass (need this least of any item ever but it's so pretty!)

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