Monday, October 31, 2011


Snow?!  And Sun!  Here in NY, we had equal parts last weekend.  Weird.  Saturday brought a 2.9 inches of fluffy white.  It's an October record, peeps.  The book say we've never reached a full inch of snow during October (1952 brought .5 and 1925 ushered .8).  Global warming, you freaky!

Of course after the storm passed it was nuthin' but sunshine.  Sunday was soooo purdy.  I felt like the weather was in complete denial over the past day's craziness.  It was like, "Huh, snow?  I don't know what you're talking about.  Look at this sky!  It's perfection.  You love me, I'm the awesome weather.  I'm your best-est buddy!  Go for a bike ride, have brunch at a side walk eatery, window shop for hours."

Weather, you so sly.  We don't know what is up with your moods.  We know it's our fault though.  For poisoning the earth, and all : (

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