Friday, October 28, 2011

Four for Friday

Here in NY, the cold snap is snappin' and the ice-rain is approaching!  Since my apple picking trip has been taken off the table (thank you weather) I can't help by fixate on all things apple.... 

- Hungry Ghost.  Most awesome blog name ever.  The photos won me over instantly (and of course, the recipes rock too).  Rustic elegance at it's best; check it out people!
- Martha Stewart has some pretty cool last minute, easy to make Halloween crafts!  There are so many great details if you're entertaining; I love this pumpkin cooler, these potato-stamp treat bags and this spooky floral arrangement!  (and caramel apples; choco, poison, & classic)
- Yummy Supper.  It's way more than supper.  There is a lot of meaty-ness going on : (  But, there are some totally incredible lookin' veg recipes too.  Yay!
- I'm quickly becoming obsess-i-fied with Parker Etc.  It's a dose of design with a dollop of craftiness.

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