Friday, April 1, 2011


Kiddos, how you doin'?  I'm so over this week.  And mine ain't through yet, unfortunately.  I hope in your world at 5pm, in will ring the weekend and out will ring the workweek!  If you are working over the next two days, my heart goes out to you.  Yeah.  Sucks to be you.  And me. 

I'll be in the design studio.  Gotta get that candle blazin' at both ends, so I can hit the road (sky?) on Wednesday.  Vay-cay!  There are a lot of outstanding tasks to be completed; some shopping, laundry, cleaning (I hate leaving for vacation with a dirty apartment).  There are a couple fun things I also wanted to get to this weekend.  They'll need to occur either early in the am or later pm due to work's midday monopolization.  One thing is for sure, I'm totally looking forward to this tomorrow morning!!!

Thumbprint bunny from Paul Odd's Flickr, via Fffound

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