Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guest Post/ Curl up with Curly's!

My sweetheart wanted to help lighten my workload (such a sweetheart). He suggested writing a post for w&w and I said, "Heck yeah!" So readers, I would like to introduce you to my BF and his favorite brunch haunt, Curly's Vegetarian Lunch.

It's only Tuesday and I'm already daydreaming about getting brunch at Curly's this weekend. It's been a little while since the GF and I have been there; and by "a little while", I only mean 2 or 3 weeks!

Champs Bakery has definitely been a distraction lately. And while every bite of their vegan raspberry danish and cream cheese pumpkin muffins are absolutely delicious, it's still tough to compete with Curly's giant "Slumberjack" breakfast. Fresh fruit over a stack of vegan pancakes, alongside a serving of "sham", curly fries and the best tofu scramble in New York. (Seriously though – they have perfected tofu scramble; it's crazy!) All this for what it cost for that bottom shelf vodka tonic you had at that birthday party the night before. Throw in a dollar or two more for coffee and sangria. A proper brunch.

The GF is partial to Curly's "Breakfast Anytime" menu, particularly the Scrambled Tofu with Portobello mushrooms and Daiya cheese (not pictured, but also quite tasty).

The other thing I love about Curly's is their fun atmosphere. The place is small, quaint and absolutely charming. Each table has a little cup of crayons (sometimes good, sometimes bad) for you to get creative on your paper place mats. Perfect for rediscovering your inner childhood and drawing hand turkeys or monster trucks, while you wait for your food. If your work of art is good enough, they may hang it up on their wall amongst the every growing collection of Crayola masterpieces!

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