Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Alex Andreyev

I'm falling for all the digital paintings by Alex Andreyev!  Aren't they incredible?  Don't they make you curious?  Each is a totally beautiful, fantastic, futuristic scene, filled with mystery.

I want to live this fantasy!  How cool would it be:
- A midnight row-boat ride, hovering a story above the lamp-lit inky waters
- Motoring the sunny afternoon away on a red and white bus
- Jumping a ride at sunrise, on a freight train thundering across and above the clouds
- Enjoying a fading sunset aboard a cable car, bound for the deepest depths of a murky lake
- Adventuring across sky-built pipe lines at dusk, on toward a monolithic tower, in the middle of the glistening sea

Discovered via This Isn't Happiness

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