Friday, March 11, 2011

I wish you all a happy and safe weekend!

Have you been listening or reading about the tragedy in Japan?  The video footage was positively chilling.  I really wish I hadn't watched it.  I kept thinking, this can't be real.  This type of utter destruction only happens in the movies.  Alas, untrue.  My heart goes out to all those effected by this disaster.  If you'd like more information head over to the BBC.


Sad way to start the weekend...  but I am looking forward to a date tonight with the sweet BF.  We haven't seen a movie in for-e-ver.  The weather in NY is beautiful, hopefully we can stroll leisurly throughout the city tonight.  Maybe get ice cream at Stogo!  Mostly I'm hoping to lay low, lounge, and laze-away the weekend!  Other ideas:

- I've got the shopping itch, so maybe I'll indulge in a little guilty spending.  I need new spring-y things! 
- Possibly work on an illustration project and some mending (unfortunately, dresses don't hem themselves).
- My BF and I checked out  Champs last weekend and were blown away.  I want to head back!!!  Absolutely incredible vegan baked goods.  The raspberry danish and pumpkin cream cheese muffin rocked our world.  We didn't try the cookies, but they were the size of my face.

Are you looking forward to something special this weekend?  Don't forget, we're going to spring foreward!  Hurray for daylight savings!!!

Trio of vintage clocks from Hilda Grahnat's collection, via Pinterest

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