Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reading List

On Tuesday I was checking out all my favorite blogs and found a link to a great new one: Sacramento Street.  Author, Caitlin Flemming asked 5 of her blogger buddies to compile the ultimate spring reading lists.  I've been reading and re-reading the suggestions, there are so many!  If you too are in need of literary material, head over there now.  It's a great mix of classics, magazines, self help, memoirs and more!

I finished my last book a couple weeks ago... maybe three?  I've been so busy that I  haven't missed my reading time on the train.  I've relished the 20 minute commute; closing my eyes and getting lost in my iTunes.  But, next week I'm destined for warmer climates.  All that traveling means that I need a book!

Found via {wit & delight}
Photos by (the incredible) Stewart Shining from Calikartel

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