Monday, March 21, 2011

More Ballet

I had a lot of downtime while things were a cookin' and a settin' yesterday.  A friend of mine sent me this adorable and hilarious video (thanks Ben!), which prompted an avalanche of YouTube ballet watching.  I love this one, which follows Yuhui Choe, a soloist at the Royal Ballet, through a long day of classes, rehearsals, physical therapy, and rounding out with an evening performance.

I also spent a half hour checking out new photos at the Ballerina Project.  I've visited them quite a few times since their birth.  (When the handful of photos was completely torturous; I wanted more!!!)  There are so many now!  This series pictured, of Elina, photographed in Chinatown by Diane Shitagi are three of my favorites.  Check out Diane's site for tons more loveliness!

*In case you were wondering, I included the videos as links (rather than just plopping videos in the post) because I feel like they make the composition of my page incredibly unsightly.  Hope you don't mind venturing over to YouTube!

P.S.  I just found one of my previous ballet related posts scraped.  It was by a blogger that I follow, no less.  If I helped introduce you to a photographer, artist, or web site it's proper etiquette to give credit.  Let's all be friends, yes?  Good! : )   

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