Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Monday!

It's the second day of Spring (and fittingly) very, very rainy.  I swear that on my way into work a thunder clap issued from the dark skies above.  It could also have been the echo of a trash truck a few blocks away.  But I like to think that it was thunder.

Sometimes showers leave me feeling dismal and groggy.  But, despite flipping my umbrella inside out twice in 10 minutes (and receiving a face-full of water) I'm loving the wind and wet!  This morning I feel enthused.

Readers, do you enjoy a gray monochrome atmospheres full of water droplets?  Or do you shun showers and wish for sunnier skies?  Maybe you're like me, and it just depends on getting enough sleep the night before!

I'm also smitten with this photo.  Isn't it awesome how this trio of men embrace the weather; enjoy it rather than flee!  (And their umbrellas are gorgeous too!)  The photo is by Marco Niemela.  He briefly discusses this image as an exercise in square framed photos.  Brouse his work on Flickr or his portfolio site.

Image via Flickr

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