Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Current Temptation: Swim Suit

How lovely is this suit by Dawn Sharp?!!!  This time of the year I find swimwear so awfully tempting.  It's just hitting the stores.  Itty bitty tops and bottoms are still hanging neatly from their strings.  Your size sits there on the rail taunting you, "I wont be here come June, you ninny!  Better suck it up (and in), try me on and pay up!!!"

To be clear, I do not need another swim suit.  This year I'm going to be strong and avoid all banter with skimpy spandex separates.  I've got 2 cute suits, which have been worn three times each.  Another is absolutely not needed.  Even... if I am going to Hawaii in 3 weeks?   And even when this little suit is soooo cute?!  Hmph.

Discovered via Eye Principle

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