Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NYC's Veg Fest

Yep, yep- this Sunday is the Vegetarian Food Festival!  They'll have lots of live music, world-class speakers, contests, and (best of all!) an array of tasty food.  There are so many incredible vendors on the list; from big name product companies like Earth Balance and Coconut Bliss to local restaurants* like Foodswings and Sacred Chow! Admission is free, so go check it out!!!

* I love that these two restaurants will both be in attendance.  They are both super amazing and demonstrate different extremes of vegan eating.  Foodswings is heavy, guilt-ridden, and absolutely delicious, glorified junk food.  Sacred Chow is all organic, healthful, flavorful dishes for the casual gourmet diner.  It goes to show that a veg diet can still be varied, including both sinful and nutritional meals!

Photographic veg collage by Laure Joliet.  Do go look through Laure's photos, they are more lovely than words can express!

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