Monday, March 21, 2011

Whadda Weekend!

The preceding two days were super lovely.  On Friday, I was prepared to come into the design office and work the weekend away (not voluntarily, might I add).  But the winds changed by late afternoon and the word spread throughout the office; we would not be required to come in!  I wasn't prepared for the freeing up of my calendar... what would I do?

I had fun.  But I'll be more specific...

- I went for a long walk through Williamsburg.  Bedford Ave is wonderfully quiet at noon on Saturday!  All those cool kids are sleeping off the night before.  The sidewalks are sparsely peppered with joggers, or couples with dogs and strollers.  I liked it!  Especially the dogs.
- At the tail end of the morning walk, my BF and I found ourselves (for the third week in a row) at Champ's door.  We indulged; airy doughnuts (one flocked with coconut, the other drizzled with chocolate and encrusted with peanuts), a maple-pecan filled cinnamon roll (obscenely gooey!) and a moist banana muffin (ideally 'muffin topped' with globs of cream cheese and crumble strudel).  I died.  And then I miraculously revived myself, so that I can live for another weekend at Champs.
- My BF and I went to an early movie.  I never do that!!!  It was awesome, the theater was empty!  Well, not really empty.  It was just uncrowded.  As in, you could have a prime seat and still leave your bag and coat in the chair beside you and not get a dirty look.  Which in NY is really rare.
- Stogo ice cream.  Half salted caramel pecan, half oatmeal raisin cookie.  Heaven.  Bite of BF's Salted Pistachio.  Bliss.
- Afternoon nap.  Hors d'oeuvres dinner; hummus and red peppers.  Mint tea and 2 rounds of dominoes.  Part 2 of the Matrix marathon.
- Sunday was less diverse... but it started productively with a delicious cup of French pressed Irish Cream coffee.  Yum.  I can still smell the hazelnuts!
- I did end up going into the office for a few hours; I had a lot of Spring color assorting to do.  Next was grocery shopping.  Note to self: if weekend trip to Whole Foods is necessary, make it noon on Sunday or bust.
- Upon reaching home, there was a baking explosion!  So... Today I was really hoping to share a post (or two!) with you about my baking (and raw/assembling) adventures.  But both the desserts required setting overnight.  I planned to photograph the final outcome in this morning's radiant sunshine.  But there was no sunshine.  Fingers crossed for no rain tomorrow; and you'll get to see the decadent outcome of an afternoon (and evening) of sweet labor.

Hope you had a full (and fun) weekend too!

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