Friday, March 25, 2011

Four for Friday

I hope you're all headed toward a super weekend!  Whether the next two days are packed with special activities or spent luxuriously lounging, enjoy them!!!   As I depart blog-land this week, I pass to you the following four fun and fabulous vignettes:

- One of my new favorite places is The Daybook.  I found this lovely style blog earlier in the week and have had so much fun brosing the archives.  If you're like me and make the blog rounds then, no doubt, you seen this photo.  Cute little Sydney, I can't get enough of her quirkiness!
- Have you heard of Sweet Studio?  It's chock-full of incredible featurettes on artist and designers!  There are photos galore of artwork and work spaces.  Read more about the authors and their awesome blog here
- Another find this week, is Stresscake.  OMG, the photos of French Onion Soup have me salivating.  The BF doesn't like onions, so I'll have to try this recipe out on my own sometime.  There are lots of other good-lookin' eats, so check it all out!
- And lastly, my favorite virtual-world shop, Three Potato Four is hosting a real-world Spring saleIn their barn!  If you are anywhere near Philly please go check it out!  Then you can take photos and tell me all about it.  Just kidding.  They host the 'barn sale' on the last weekend of every month, so I'll be taking a road trip down to PA sometime soon!

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