Monday, April 18, 2011

Four for Friday (+ some)

Hello my pets,
As repentance for my blogging negligence I would like to deliver FfF today.  It's a trio of days delayed but none the worse for wear.  In fact, because I had a full weekend to traverse the 'net in search of the most incredible and inspiring blurbs, I managed to find a few more than four.  So, you shall have 7.  Four for Friday and one for each day since.  Enjoy!

- This wedding is full of the loveliest details!  The two fellas getting hitched, Tim and Michael, hand-crafted nearly every element in this enchanting Palm Springs ceremony.  Their faux newspaper wedding program and hand-stamped invites, save the date and place cards are so awesome!
- Though I have an affinity for all trees (yes- I own a 800 page, fully illustrated, tree encyclopedia), Cherries in bloom are particularly transfixing.  Wouldn't you agree?  The Brooklyn Botanical Garden's tree tracker says 15 of the 26 Cherries at Japanese Hill & Pond Garden are blooming.  I've got to get over to the BBG and check out the Spring glory ASAP!
- My new style blog favorite is Atlantic-Pacific.  Awesome styling!!!
- I'm a huge asparagus lover (shush, all you out there snickering about stinky pee!) and I'm dying to try their "cousin" the Fiddlehead Fern.  Read more at Vegan Yum Yum. This dish from Manifest: Vegan.
- The prettiest business cards I think I've ever seen.  Ever.  So pretty it hurts.  To clarify, it mostly hurts because my company cards are beyond hideous- treading into visually-offensive type ugly territory.  (via 101 Cookbooks)
- Jane Eyre.  Have you seen it?!!!  I have (of course).  And while it cannot possibly measure up to the novel, it's still incredibly beautiful.
- A catch-your-heart-in-your-throat lovely chocolate and rose cake!  I love the rustic application of the pink whipped icing with the dollop of fresh petals to finish.  Also, for all you time conscious bakers out there... this is a painfully simple recipe.  It includes boxes of mix and containers of whipped cream.  Shameful.  But by the look of it, who would know?!

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