Friday, April 1, 2011

Pretty Palette/ A Minty Moment

I'm not sure why... but I'm loving mint right now.

I do have a couple theories; maybe it's Spring?  Easter festivities and pastel colors?  I think it's probably a combination of that and my desperate need for tranquility.  Let me tell you, I've been a whirling dervish for the last month.  I need some serenity!  Solution?  Fill thy home and clothe thyself in mint!!!

Top photo:  Contemporary charm bracelet made up of vintage Cameos, Lucite and glass available on Etsy.  Browse the Marie Fly Fly shop for more lovely trinkets. 

Photos above, clockwise from left:
- Camera from Urban Outfitters (sadly only available in the UK, but you can get the pearl one here!)
- Patent wedges by Not Too Coy, available on Zappos
- Retro 1970's dress available on Etsy
- Porcelain latte bowls available on Anthropologie
- Wooden A in Clarendon (my favorite font) also on Etsy, found via Style Files

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