Tuesday, April 26, 2011

(Just A) Thank You!

Over the past week I've had so many people reach out and tell me that they're enjoying w&w.  I wanted to take a moment and say thanks, it means so much to me!  Whether you check in daily or once every few weeks, I appreciate it so very, very much!  The wealth of patronage has completely shocked me.  From the raw numbers to the variety of countries you come from- I've got to say, readers you amaze me!  I appreciate your every click, comment, and email.  After all, w&w would be a very sad, lonely little spot without you keeping it (and me) company!!!  You rock : )

And if ever you want to get in tough, please, please do!  I love hearing from you.  You rock (again)!

Illustration by Jennifer Muller, 12 assorted note cards available on Amazon.

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