Friday, April 22, 2011

Four for Friday

Okay chilluns, here are your four...

- Check out Jamie Beck's lovely photos from the Gretchen Jones trunk show.  She captured lots of lovely details!
- The Daily Spark is Matchbook Magazine's new blog.  Word is, it's chock full o' freebies.  Head over and follow that blog!  Grab that swag!!!
 - Hyperbole isn't new to me but there is a new post up that had me laugh-crying yesterday.  Allie doesn't post very often so it's always a treat!  This hilarious blog is sure to brighten your Friday.  Her dog tales are my favorites.  Hurray for Simple Dog!!!
- I've been hanging out on Greedy Girl a lot lately (such a medley of awesome finds)!  How amazing are these sunglasses by Super and this necklace by Dani M?!!!  They are the perfect warm weather accessories.  Need them.  Now.

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