Friday, April 1, 2011

Four for Friday

I considered posting "No Four Today" and then giving it to you a couple hours later as April foolery.  But then I thought, "That's lame." then I thought some more, "Actually it's kinda mean.  Yeah, definitely mean.  Mean April fools jokes are so uncool.  Glad that was a fleeting thought.  Good job Mare.  Sweet little w&w is a mean-free zone!"

The (foolery-less) Four are at you door.  Let 'em in peeps!!!  They want to party with you and your computer screen.  Can you hear them?  "It's April!  It's Friday!  Check us out!  Then we can dance!  Party time!"

- Sarah from Blossom and Branch did her bit on Design Sponge.  It's flowers A-Z and we've made it to J.  I was flippin' out when I saw this.  I'm a jasmine nut.  If you and I are ever walking down the street together and a jasmine vine should cross our path, I will tell you our love story.  It involves one summer of my childhood, a large bedroom window and a cat named Fee Fee.  Random, I know.
- So falling for Joshua Bronaugh's paintings.  The softer portraits are my favorites.  I'm really liking the palettes that he uses too.  Purdy!
- In the last week, I've seen half a dozen posts about Farrow and Ball's new paint colors.  They are taking the blogsphere by storm.  Can't you see why?   These shades are so fresh; saturated but not too bright.  Gorgeous!
- I was clicking through my Google Reader and realized... I don't think I've ever mentioned Butter and Brass.  Dang.  Supreme fail.  Butter and Brass is easily one of my faves.  Everything on Erin Nelson's blog is so freakin' beautiful!!! (art by Dane Lovett)

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