Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Spring Reading List!

Last weekend, while waiting at the laundromat I got into my next book.  It didn't end up being one off of the Sacramento Street reading list.  It's not even new.  I've actually owned Diet for a Small Planet since I was 17 (and a fledgling vegetarian).  And can you believe... I never finished it?!!!  I'll get into the details of why exactly I finally decided to pick it up again some other time though.

Anyway, the fabulous reading lists on Sacramento Street got me thinking...  What are my favorites?  What are good Springtime reads?  What would I suggest for a general audience?  It was a little challenging to compile a list for others (for you, dear readers) and not just ring off my personal chart toppers.  See, I have pretty narrow literary interests.  Classics.  Primarily Romantic, Victorian, and Edwardian periods.  A handful Modern and Postmodern works.  Very little contemporary work...  But, I tried to make the collection below a diverse and eclectic crowd of bookies.  Please do leave a comment, recommending your favorite too!  I'd love to hear from you!!!

Jane Eyre is my fave. Yep. It's at the tippy top of my list simple because it is my favorite piece of literature. I love the Romantics because they were incredible storytellers. It's easy to get lost in the mystery, danger, tragedy, and romance (and ignore those annoying metaphors and social critiques).

Alex and Me will always be at the top of my reading stack. This book is about the incredible grey parrot Alex and his keeper and trainer Dr. Irene Pepperburg. I promise, you will find yourself laughing, crying and marveling! If you actually read any book on this list, read this one.

Noel Coward's plays... any of them. All of them? If you are going to choose a couple, make sure you read Blythe Spirit and Private Lives. They are immensely entertaining examples of high humor. If you're not a fan of reading plays you may still want to give these a try. They're very funny and pretty short in length.

Watership Down is an epic novel about a community of rabbits. It's probably been 10 year since I read this book (at my mother's request). At the time, I thought either it would be just like Animal Farm or that it would be a fantasy book for little kids. I couldn't have been more wrong. It was amazing. But be warned- I recall shedding more than a few tears during this one too.

The Alienist is hard to put down! Completely gripping. It's of the Sherlock Holms vein, set in turn of the century New York. If you are a New Yorker this is a must read. If you like crime novels, this is going to be a favorite! Just don't read it late at night. The crimes are a little Jack-the-Ripper-esque. You may have some trouble sleeping!

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