Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Teasing

Spring seems satisfied with only hints at a tepid future, apparently not quite ready to show it's face.  The crisp sunlight of a waning winter has given way to gloom and showers.  But with it has come delicious, blossoming trees!  After months of sad and stark tree skeletons lining curbs and dotting parks, I'm thrilled to see their branches now laden with blooms.  Crabapple, Cherry, Plum, Dogwood, and the majestic Magnolia boughs are wrapped in a swirl of wedding lace and cotton candy hued flowers.
Top photo and photo of magnolia bud by Sara Ryhanen, of Saipua.  The two photos above, of white and pink blooms by Amy Merrick of An Apple A Day.

Are the trees a-bloom where you are, readers?

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