Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pickled Red Onions

So, you've heard me wax on about my love affair with pickles.  And not just pickles, but all things pickled*.  I particularly love pickled onions.  Especially big curly slices of red onions.  This jar full of 'em looks so good!!!  I definitely have to try out this recipe.  Mmmm

* You may recall a mentioning of 'pickle on a stick' from my adventures last weekend at Smorgasburg.  It was a good pickle, Rick's Picks.  Thank you.  But what I was really in fits about were your pickled beets and beans.  You should put them on sticks too.  I know the beans could prove challenging, but I believe in you.

Pickled red onions on Use Real Butter, recipe from Simply Recipes

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