Friday, June 24, 2011

Four for Friday

Have a great weekend kiddos!  I'm taking a half-day at work (woohoo!) and going to run some errands in the rain (grumble).  But it's not that bad : )

Actually, I have a great weekend planned!  Drinks and catch-up conversation with friends later tonight, regularly-scheduled Saturday fun with the BF (he's the best!), a buddy's band is playing a show tomorrow, some girl-time with a sweet friend on Sunday (including a belated birthday brunch and shoe shopping)!  Oooh la la.  Excitement!

I'm done bragging now.  Here is you FfF...

- I'm clicking and re-clicking (and re-re-clicking) through Refinery29's Summer Essential's Guide.  Finding lots of goodies (and tons of trend validation).  Summer shopping fever is so underway.
- Running With Tweezers is the foodie blog by Tami, a food stylist in Atlanta.  It's full of drool-inducing photos and recipes.  I'm particularly smitten with "The Best Thing I Ever Ate- Tofu" recipe.  She makes it look too good!!!  Also, check out this post for styling tips and tricks.
- I haven't spent much time with Fifi lately.  But, oh my gosh, that little bunny is as cute as ever!!!  The blog of dear, sweet Fifi Lapin is such a fashionista haven.
- I absolutely, completely and totally adore Bri Emery's blog Design Love Fest.  It is the coolest spot!  She seems like the most incredibly fun (and kookie!) lady, plus she's got some serious design skills.  Go see!  Go seee!  Also exciting: Bri periodically holds a (Photoshop-rich) blogging workshop in Los Angeles but the next one is happening in... NYC!

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