Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Drink at Eatly

Last weekend I was doing some beer garden iPhone reconnaissance while out in Brooklyn.  I was finally tired of observing the new (and expansive!) beer garden at the south end of Nassau and not knowing it's name. (It's Spritzenhaus, pics and more info here.) What I also discovered via iPhone wisdom-ness, is that Eatly just opened a beer and wine garden up on their rooftop!  Coolio!!!  Spousal bloggers of Hither and Thither got to check out opening night at Birreria.  I can't wait to head up there too.  Well, once the opening buzz quiets a bit.  According to Ashley and Aron, it's not worth a 45 minute wait in line... should be nice, come September!  Kidding.  I hope : )

Photos from Hither and Thither

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