Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Monday & Summer Hair

Hi lovelies!  I hope your weekend was glorious.  I had such fun; an impromptu show Friday night with groovy tunes, friends and a Malibu/Diet Coke too!  I did end up checking out Smorgasburg on Saturday.  And it was... awesome!  There were tons of people and all the grub smelled delicious!!!  I got a pickle on a stick and oogled lots of cut puppies.

Separate topic, though it does relate to my weekend: wild summery wave and curl ridden hair.  My locks got a little frisky after drying in a bun.  When I let them loose the BF laughed and said he wanted to take a picture.  So sweet : )

These were all found on 100 Layer Cake.  If you like how these look, definitely go read the full story.  They give lots of tips and tricks (including what products to use).

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  1. wait, you drank WHAT. WHAT. WHAT, please explain. post something on this concoction