Friday, June 10, 2011

Four for Friday

Four fun thing-ies before I bus it up to Boston...  Enjoy!

- I'm totally smitten with Somewhere Splendid.  The lifestyle blog covers everything from home renovation and decor to entertaining and cooking.  Take a moment to browse, you'll find something (somewhere) splendid!!!
-I found the most awesome Tumblr ever; Wear Color!!!  Admitting that I love a Tumblr page takes a lot... because I hate Tumblr.  Not the Tumblr-ers, you're not the bad-guys.  It's just that the concept of Tumbling images and loosing their source really disturbs me.  But that's a negatively charged topic destined for another day.  Back to Wear Color...  check it out.  So inspirational.  I promise, it will make you happy! (This photo from STREETFSN)
- Are you ready to head-over-heels fall in love with dessert?  Call Me Cupcake is full of the prettiest, most delicious looking sweets.  It's like a wonderland of baked treats!
- Well Groomed is the cutest (brand spankin' new) site for today's dapper and engaged fellows.  While it is intended for isle-bound dudes, you don't have to have a wedding on the horizon (or even be a guy!) to appreciate this lovely site.  It feels wrong to call Well Groomed a pretty blog, especially as the creator is a "former drag racer, current autocrosser, and just finished rebuilding an '86 Trans Am", but pretty it is!

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