Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stay-cation Time!

With the exception of two brief periods of unemployment, I've never had more than a three day weekend in New York. (yes, that means I've worked the Friday after Thanksgiving every year, for the last five years). The unemployment stints don't really count as time off, because stress plagued my every moment. So, I'm really looking forward to the following 5 days off. Possibly filling those 5 days with some these activities:

- A good ol' touristy, hop-on-hop-off, Big Red Bus tour
- The Moma Museum (For my momma)
- The NY Transit Museum (Dad is going to loose his mind!)
- The Met Museum (I've been to the Met at least 20 times and am convinced that I will never, ever tire of it. The armor wing alone keeps me going back.)
- The Cloisters (Medieval art? Eh. Not so much. Architecture? Hudson River? View of the Jersey riverbank preserve? Ft Tryon Park? Oh yeah, all that good stuff!)
- The Highline Park (Great views...it's a park, along the Hudson, on a deserted Railroad bridge. How cool is that?!!! I love the Highline, even when it's freezing!)
- Tour of the Brooklyn Brewery (Dad loves beer- he used to home brew!)
- Tour of Mast Brother's Chocolate Factory (Mom loves chocolate)
- Roosevelt Island Tram
- Staten Island Ferry (Just for the fun of it- not to actually hang out in SI)
- The entire slew of restaurants and cafe make up another list completely. I'll not bore you with that. Yet. Hehe!

I'll be posting less frequently for the remainder of the week. Still, some juicy bits will be served up before Saturday arrives. Promise!

Photo by Sydney Shaw, found on Deviant Art

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