Friday, February 18, 2011

Four for Friday

Aren't you excited, FfF is here!  Time to dive in...

- In need of inspiration?  Just want to rest your weary eyes on something awesome?  Check out Grain Edit!  It's filled with classic design from the 50's-70's and contemporary designs that draw from retro influence.
- Post "In The Hot Seat" from Rue mag, is awesome!  I too loved the pre-fall Chacharel show (minus that stupid knit caps- sorry!!!) and I'm totally in fits over interiors company Pippa Caley (OMG, I want this lampshade)!
- I love all things botanica (yeah, you totally already knew that).  And yes, I have taken a pro-fesh florist crash course (minus the crashing, fortunatly).  But, Project Wedding's DIY bouquet instructional is so super!  It's fabulously specific but still leaves plenty of room for creativity. 
- The adorable blog Hello, Friend just begun the sweetest series, Handsome.  It's bit size interviews with the boys behind blogger babes.  Such a great idea!  Because behind every girl and her blog, is a wonderfully supportive guy.

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