Monday, February 28, 2011

The Search Is On!

If you take a quick look to the right you'll see a new addition to my menu sidebar; a search box!  Okay, so maybe that doesn't warrant an exclamation point.  Then again, maybe it does?  (And, yes, I know our dear gal in the lovely red gloves is completely looking in the wrong direction.  But she's impeccably dressed so we'll forgive her obliviousness this once.)

Dearest readers, if you have a POV please let me know.  (We're back to talking about the search bar, not the illustration.)  Does the search function matter one way or the other?  Do you use searches on other blogs?  Do you find yourself combing my archives?  Will it be helpful for locating older posts here on w&w?

Illustration available on Mimi Galore's Etsy store

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