Wednesday, February 16, 2011

3 Potato 4/ Enamel Turkish Pots

If you've stopped by w&w before, then you may know, I like:
1) Three Potato Four
2) Vintage pitchers
3) Enamel finishes
4) things Turkish
5) things colorful

Imagine my excitement to find Enamel Turkish Pots on Three Potato Four!!!  It's like all the loveliness in the galaxy came together in the embodiment of these darling petite-pots.  Hurry, they still have a variety of sizes and colors!


  1. love three potato four,too
    and the enamel pots are fabulous...
    i also love the enamel lockets that you posted about earlier...
    and i must say, i am so, so glad you stopped by and commented today, because i am loving your blog! it is instantly a favorite and i am adding it to my list right now
    all the best to you

  2. Thanks Michelle!
    I'm a huge fan of Blue Moss. I subscribe and check in daily on my Google reader : ) Your posts are great and your Etsy shop is be beyond beautiful!!!