Friday, February 18, 2011

Owl Love

Fads bug me like crazy.*  Even animal fads.**  So... even though I adore owls (all birdies really) it just rubbed me the wrong way when they blew up.  But, I couldn't resist sharing a few recent finds.  I think they jumped out at me because I gave myself three brutal paper cuts yesterday and am using these bandages.***  Also, my iphone is newly covered in this Gelaskin.****

* For someone's who's livelihood depends on trends, I join the band wagon grudgingly.
**And I'm an animal nut (just ask my BF).  He'll tell you, NUT-SO.  Like, whoa!
*** I know... the fad is totally sucking me in.  When you wear bandages covered with cartoon owls, from Urban Outfitters, the game has been lost.
**** I'm hopeless.  100% team owl.

Photos, clockwise from left:
- Owl logo design by Luke Bott (he's got lots of other cute designs on his website too), via Fffound
- Photo found on Pinterest
- Illustrations by Josh Brill available for purchase at Lumadessa, via Ffffound

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