Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pantone Party

Pantone mugs are definitely not new to the scene.  I see them at nearly every knick-knack gift shop in the greater metropolitan area.  But, despite dwindling novelty they're still pretty cute!  And, they're great for any (and every type of) designer.

Now the trendy cup is seeing it's Pantone cousins show up to the party.  Cookies!  iPhone cases!  And Rubik's Cubes?!!! 

Top photo: Pantone mugs available at Graham and Green

Left to right:
- Recipe for swatch cookies on Kim Creative Star
- iPhone cases found on Dope Culture
- Unfortunately, Rubitone is not actually available.  It's a witty product concept from industrial designer Ignacio Pilotto.  Maybe it'll get picked up soon though, after all, it's a darn cute idea!

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