Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Squirrel Love

Nearly every weekend my BF and I discuss my fear of squirrels.*  That may sound weird (the subject of squirrels coming up so often).  But, in Brooklyn and Manhattan there are parks about every quarter mile.  So, you see a heck of a lot of squirrels out there.**  Anyhow, despite my phobia these two little lovers are pretty cute.  They nearly dispel my disquietude!  Sort of.  You know... as long as the stay carved in wood and holding that heart.  They're availavle for purchase at Enormous Champion.  While you're there, read a little about the company, which is based in Brooklyn.

* I attempt to rationalize my fear and he shoots me down (sweetly, of course), exposing my squirrel terror for what it is, totally irrational.
** If I were being completely honest and divulging all information I'd have to admit the following; I'm a dog-ophile.  I find a bench outside the fenced off dog-park and watch the furry puppies play.  Sometimes I'm there for 30 minutes.  Watching.  All the while being tormented by squirrels darting in my peripherals.

Found via Brooklyn Bride

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