Friday, February 18, 2011

One Fine (Fri) Day

Happy, happy Friday! 

Just a week ago I was lamenting about the weather, wistfully and half-heartedly planning my weekend.  How the tables have turned!  Today is a (positively balmy!) 66 degrees.  I'm nice and toasty and absolutely cheery!   (I wore shorts today!!!  Albeit, with tights and a cropped wool coat.  After all, it was still about 40 this morning.)

So, dear chickadees, I'm full of cheeky banter and bouncing through the day with spring in my step.  I'm overflowing with excitement; my sweet parents will be here in just a handfull o' days!  I'm taking most of next week off to spend time with them.  And, I just received a terrific text from my longest-had (of 15 years!) and dearest friend.  She just got a new job.  Congratulations Steph!!!  I wish I could celebrate with you!  (the entire country separates us- boo)

Have a fabulous President's Day weekend!

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  1. can you believe the fabulous weather! it makes me forget its february! happy weekend and happy time with your parents!!