Thursday, February 24, 2011

Interior Lust/ Dream Bathroom

Remember my dream kitchen?  And my fantasy design studio/ library?  Now I bring you the perfect bathroom.

Check out those upcycled, vintage, glass pane windows!  I'm melting; disolving into a puddle of interior-architectural desire.  I have such a weak spot for antique industrial details!  Besides the (beyond stunning) extra-large shower, notice the framed mirror, tiling, and basin.  OMG, the basin... see the faucet?  Perfection.  I could loose the sconce (I'm a mini-lampshade hater to the core, sorry sconce fans).  And, I would definitely need one of these somewhere too.  But besides those two details, this is my bathroom of bathrooms.  Are you loving it too?

Image found on the vtwonen blog

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