Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Numerical Stack

I'm a bookworm, through and through.  Remember the ode to my collection here?  There is always a novel in my bag (right now it's Kate Chopian's The Awakening and Selected Short Fiction ).  I'm such a literature nut, anything bound and leafy catches my eye in an instant.  These photos from Paul Octavious are right up my alley.

Wouldn't the three photos below look lovely framed and hung in a row?  The stack would also be wonderful for party centerpiece; birthday, New Year, even a wedding!  How sweet would the date 'in books' be adorning your place card table?  Or better yet, swap numbers for letters and arrange the bride and groom's first initials!  Too cute for a bookish couple!!!

Found with the help of Alkeemi and Pinterest

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